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Lodibet casino is one of the biggest online casinos on the market. With over 300 casino games and several table games available at any given time, we’ve got everything you need. Our top priority is to make sure that every player at Lodibet Casino has a great experience and can enjoy playing here. We do this by offering them the best possible casino gaming experience imaginable as well as some of the most generous bonuses and promotions possible – all in a secure, fun environment. Finally, lodibet offers the latest game items, Sabong. Sabong is a traditional sport in the Philippines. It is a fight between two cocks with their handlers, and spectators place bets on which bird will win. The sport has been around for over three thousand years and is held in specially-designed fighting pits. The fights themselves are divided into three stages: the ulatan, ruweda and fight itself.


O podjetju

Podjetje Elektroenegetika d.o.o. je podjetje, ki se ukvarja s projektiranjem, tehničnim svetovanjem, ter izvajanjem.

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  • Elektroenergetski objekti
  • Razsvetljave javnih površin
  • Načrtovanje električnih napeljav
  • Načrtovanje tehnoloških napeljav
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Nov steber SM69A na DV 110 kV Gorica – Ajdovščina

Nov steber SM69A na DV 110 kV Gorica – Ajdovščina, avgust 2012
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