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Greetings and you are welcome to my my bio, I am Hughie but everyone calls me Trip, I'm a sash window professional living in Wigan, England. My passions are painting, fusilately and seashell collecting. I went to school in Scarborough and I went to University College Birmingham. I have a sister Marta and a brother Kabir, I have a pet turtle called Iris. I own a sash window company and assist people with their home improvements

If you wish to have sash windows installed on your property, or you have already got sash windows and need to have them repaired or replaced, you will have to locate a seasoned tradesman in your neighbourhood who can accomplish this task for you. It's no good bringing in a "jack of all trades" or handyman for this kind of work, seeing as sash windows have to be put in correctly if they are to give good service for many years to come. This holds true whether you're installing wood sash windows, Victorian sash windows, uPVC sash windows or Georgian sash windows, and you need to make certain the type of sash windows you pick matches the style of your home.

Sash windows are normally constructed in your local window factory or joinery works and can thus be tailor made to fit your home, because you'll almost never find off the rack sash windows that will precisely match your requirements. If you pay a visit to our brand new website you will uncover lots of information concerning sash window installation and sash windows and you will be able to search for a good sash window installer in your neighbourhood. Any tradesman you decide to employ should be exhaustively checked out for quality. Go through online reviews and get some references where possible, so that you can ensure that they'll do a decent job and not con you or rip you off with dodgy sashes.

Whenever it is possible you should ask friends and neighbours for referrals of local sash window specialists close to you, seeing that word of mouth is the best type of recommendation and if someone you know has had sash window installation work carried out, and been thrilled with the outcome, there is a fair chance that the sash window company involved will do a quality job for you too.

In relation to picking sash windows, there'll be various details to think about, and not simply the style of window that you need. Today's sash windows are made from several different materials, each one having their own disadvantages and benefits. The original sash windows were manufactured from timber, however nowadays you can also purchase sash windows made from UPVC, aluminium and plastic, although many homeowners favour the traditional wooden ones.

A hung sash window or traditional sash window incorporates one or more moving panels or sashes. Traditionally the individual panels are paned windows, but they are now able to contain an individual piece of glass. The eldest existing examples of these kinds of windows date from England in the 1670's. The invention of sash windows is frequently credited, without any conclusive proof, to the English scientist Robert Hooke. Others see the sash window as a Dutch innovation. The final conclusion seems to be that it's virtually impossible to pinpoint the precise inventor. Sash windows are typically found in Victorian and Georgian properties, and the timeless layout has three panes across by two up on each of 2 sashes, providing a 6 over 6 panelled window, although this isn't a limited rule of thumb. Many suburban houses from the late Victorian and Edwardian period were constructed in England using standard sash window units about 1.2m in width.

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